Around the house

  • Vinaròs: a city of almost 30,000 inhabitants where tourism is developing as one of the axes of the municipality’s economy, with exquisite cuisine based on seafood, fish and shellfish, of which the star product must be highlighted: the excellent prawns and a great variety of seafood and rice dishes.

    You will be able to enjoy its 14 beaches stretched out over more than 4,000 meters, its shops in the city center, as well as its outdoor shopping center, its culture, its San Juan and San Pedro (June) festivities. and San Sebastián (January), with Carnival (February) being the most representative and participatory and one of the most important in the Spanish Mediterranean.

    But what you will remember the most is the open and cordial character of its people.

  • Peñíscola: city in the sea, with its 16 beaches along 12.73 km., its patron saint festivals in the month of September, highlighting the parade of “Moors and Christians”, its castle that served as a refuge for the Pope of the Sea , Benedict XIII; its culture, its heritage, its traditions and its gastronomy, among others, make it a must-see for any tourist staying in the vicinity.

  • Benicarló: a city with a seafaring tradition and open to the Mediterranean, it has also had strong agricultural roots. The Artichoke Festival has been celebrated for several years, a product classified as a designation of origin since 1998. You can also discover its cultural, artistic and architectural heritage, without forgetting its patron saint festivals and its Fallas, which are celebrated the week of March 19 , with 11 Fallas monuments and everything that this festival entails: firecrackers, rockets, fireworks, “mascletades”…

  • Morella: city of 2,822 inhabitants and capital of the Els Ports region, an authentic medieval town, surrounded by a wall and presided over by a robust castle, witness to many battles, and rarely conquered due to its special location.

    It is characterized by the textile industry, it has been and is the commercial center of its region, the promotion of both internal and external tourism together with agriculture and livestock complement its economic activity. Morellana gastronomy deserves special mention, as well as its festivals, among which it is worth highlighting the Sexenio, a festival par excellence that is celebrated every six years in August, in honor of the Virgin of Vallivana. The next one, in August 2012, and the Announcement, which is celebrated the year before the Six-year period, and precisely announces the celebration of this.

  • The Ebro Delta Natural Park made up of lagoons and rice fields. A landscape with exceptional biological richness that brings together a wide variety of fauna and flora, a great reserve for the protection of birds.